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O.C. Race a Border Skirmish
December 4, 2005, Los Angeles Times
GOP watching Calif. 'Minuteman' election
December 4, 2005, USA TODAY
In California, Border Is Focus of an Election
December 4, 2005, New York Times
GOP Congressman Tancredo campaigns for Jim Gilchrist
November 22, 2005, By Alicia Robinson
Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist headlines "Secure Our Borders" rally in Sacramento
October 28, 2005
O.C. Race Shapes Up as a Duel
October 6, 2005, LA TIMES
Campaign supporters rally for Jim Gilchrist
September 6, 2005,
Jim Gilchrist asks supporters to help save Girl Scout House
September 4, 2005, Press Release
Minuteman Chief's Ballot Label May Be Blank
September 3, 2005, LA Times
Judge denies request by 'Minuteman' Jim Gilchrist
September 2, 2005, Press Release
‘Minuteman’ Jim Gilchrist to Address National Republican Group
September 2, 2005, Press Release
September 1, 2005,
TRANSCRIPT: Jim Gilchrist calls on Minutemen to help hurricane victims
September 1, 2005,
Lawsuit filed on ballot description
August 31, 2005, The Orange County Register
"Minuteman" Jim Gilchrist Contests Ballot Black-Out
August 31, 2005, Press release
TRANSCRIPT: Jim Gilchrist on the John and Ken Show (KFI 640 AM)
August 31, 2005,
Ballot won't identify Gilchrist as Minuteman Project founder
August 26, 2005, The Orange County Register
Illegal immigration laws on books but not enforced
August 26, 2005, Los Angeles Daily Bulletin
Two Ballot Labels Rejected
August 26, 2005, LA TIMES
Minuteman founder hopes to ride fame to House seat
August 25, 2005, Washington Times
20 Meet Deadline to Run for Cox's Seat
August 23, 2005, The Los Angeles Times
Jim Gilchrist to run for Congress!
August 19, 2005,
Brewer senses sharks circling her
August 11, 2005, Orange County Register
Minuteman co-founder to run for Congress?
August 10, 2005, WorldNetDaily
Minuteman border watch
Border Wars
November 28, 2005, U.S.News & World Report
U.S. to end "catch and release" at Mexican border
November 23, 2005, Reuters
Arrest adds to fears of terrorist presence on Mexican border
November 22, 2005, The Business Journal
Illegal Immigrants on Bases Raise Concerns
October 21, 2005, Associated Press
Virginia group to monitor illegal laborers
October 21, 2005, THE WASHINGTON TIMES
US security chief strives to expel all illegal immigrants
October 18, 2005, AFP
Guest worker plan being shelved
October 16, 2005, Hearst Newspapers
October 5, 2005, by Rick Murray
California lawmakers authorize driver's licenses for illegal immigrants
September 9, 2005, Associated Press
Minutemen Civil Defense Corps starts Secure Our Borders operation early to aid Border Patrol helping with Katrina relief
September 2, 2005, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Minutemen influence claimed
August 28, 2005, The Houston Chronicle
Bush gives in to pressure over illegal migrants
August 25, 2005, The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Forum calls for national debate on immigration
August 23, 2005, RadioIowa
Time for backbone at the border
August 21, 2005, Joy Stodghill, The Mississippi Press
Political twist in border debate
August 21, 2005, Gordon Dillow, The Orange County Register
A new focus on immigration
August 20, 2005, Orange County Register
Malkin reminds conservatives: 'We are all minutemen now'
August 8, 2005, Human Events Online
Joe Farah: Why I am a Minuteman
August 1, 2005, WorldNetDaily
Minutemen launch new mission
July 30, 2005, WorldNetDaily
One Reporter's Opinion – Minuteman Mania by George Putnam
July 22, 2005, NewsMax
Border chief says citizen volunteers could form patrol auxiliary
July 20, 2005, Associated Press
AP: Anti-[illegal] immigration groups find many volunteers
July 17, 2005, CNN
Results and Implications of the Minuteman Project (PDF)
June 15, 2005, Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus report
The Minuteman Project -- Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.
June 6, 2005, Rep. Duncan's e-newsletter
Gov. Praises 'Minuteman' Campaign -- Schwarzenegger says group's patrols against illegal immigrants have been effective
May 1, 2005, L.A. Times Staff Writers
Border Control? What We See Here Is Anything But
April 29, 2005, The Washington Post
A Lawn Chair, A Cell Phone and a Pair of Binoculars
April 26, 2005, Magic City Morning Star
Border Patrol Has Issues with ACLU Operatives in Monitored Sector
April 26, 2005, Agape Press
'Nightmare' that wasn't
April 26, 2005, The Washington Times
Border vigil group calls for immigration reform
April 26, 2005, The Washington Times
Arizona Border Patrol Looks to Canada
April 26, 2005, Associated Press
Minutemen, or Men of the Minute?
April 26, 2005, The Heritage Foundation
Opinion: The Return Of The Minutemen
April 20, 2005, SFGate
Who are these Minutemen?
April 20, 2005, Weymouth News
Minutemen pronounce border vigil a success
April 19, 2005, The Washington Times
Border 'Minutemen' firm despite discomforts
April 18, 2005, Washington Times
Transcript of live interview with James Gilchrist and Chris Simcox, The Minuteman Project, by Sean Hannity, Fox News
April 18, 2005, Fox News
Amid fuss, project works
April 15, 2005, USA Today
The Minutemen assemble in Tombstone
April 13, 2005, Alfred Robert Casimiro
Border project declared success
April 13, 2005, Washington Times
Aliens hide from patrols in canyons
April 12, 2005, Washington Times
Probe Faults System for Monitoring U.S. Borders
April 11, 2005, Washington Post
In Defense Of The Minuteman Project
April 11, 2005, Geoff Metcalf
Minutemen monitor, get monitored
April 10, 2005, Orange County Register
Apprehensions in area patrolled by Minuteman volunteers
April 7, 2005, KVOA
The Minuteman Project - The Miracle on the Southwest Border: Illegal Immigration Smashed - A Direct Field Report on the Arizona-Mexico No-Man's Land, by Congressman Charlie Norwood
April 7, 2005, Congressman Charlie Norwood
'Heroes' poised for vigil on border
April 2, 2005, Washington Times
Lax immigration laws made crime possible
March 13, 2005, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Under Siege
March 10, 2005, Tucson Weekly
Advice from U. S. Border Patrol Agents
February 4, 2005,
Despite new technology, Border Patrol overwhelmed
February 2, 2005, USA Today
Citizen's group set up to monitor illegal immigration
January 24, 2005, India News
Americans doing the job Congress won't do
January 13, 2005, Frosty Wooldridge
Arizona's border reports more apprehensions than any other state - a Must Read for MMP Volunteers
January 2, 2005, Tucson Citizen
Illegal Immigration and the Minute Man Project
November 10, 2004, Frosty Wooldridge
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