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Message from Jim Gilchrist

January 11, 2006

Thank you for all you have done in this cause! Having fought so hard to deliver a “Wake Up Call” to our fellow Americans, we owed it to supporters like you to push this campaign to the limit, and aggressively carry our immigration reform message into every neighborhood in our district, and across the nation.

We received an excellent result, and look forward to the next contest – but like all challenger campaigns, we were vastly outspent. Make no mistake: I do not regret giving this battle all I had, and I know you will help me retire the remaining expenses we must pay. It was an uphill campaign all the way – but remember, we are fighting for more than a seat in Congress.

We are fighting to defend and preserve our national security and sovereignty and we MUST do a better job of protecting our borders against invasion, incursion, and illicit trafficking and the steady flow of illegal aliens.

With your help, we fought a good first fight – and we have only just begun! As a citizen patriot campaign running against both major parties and all the powers that be, we rallied voters who could put principle before party loyalty and we shocked the political establishment. With more time and more funds, our message clearly resonates with patriotic Americans – and we are on track for victory over the long haul. In this first contest, more than anything else, my opponents had the huge advantage of major party organization, and the open borders lobby’s deep, deep pockets, to make my winning this seat a long-shot. We contended hard, we reached hundreds of thousands of Americans with the truth about our border crisis and the costs of illegal immigration, we won the grudging respect of the political establishment – and now we need your help to retire the campaign debt that remains.

The American people are hearing and responding to the Minuteman message. That is why we have not stopped fighting for a minute since the election, and I plan to keep on fighting until we have restored order to immigration policy, and security and sovereignty to the borders of the United States.

Please do all in your power to support my efforts and keep us moving the Minuteman agenda forward. If you will send TODAY your most generous gift of $100, $200, $300 or more to the campaign to quickly retire the last few weeks’ worth of campaign advertising, mailings and get-out-the-vote expenses, we will just keep rolling – and win back from the corrupt open borders lobby the America we love!

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For liberty,

Jim Gilchrist

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