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December 4, 2005

Lake Forest, CA — Minuteman Project founder and 48th Congressional District candidate Jim Gilchrist – who this weekend garnered the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents 10,000 front-line U.S. Border Patrol agents and employees – today criticized opponent John Campbell for “backsliding” on his support of the California Border Police Initiative. Campbell in a recent media interview confirmed his discomfort and lack of commitment towards the Initiative he supposedly co-sponsors.

Campbell has “sold out all of the people who have donated money and who have ‘given their blood, sweat and tears’ to get this critical Initiative on the ballot,” stated Gilchrist.

“John Campbell should be ashamed of himself for reneging on his commitment to all those volunteers who have dedicated themselves to qualifying the California Border Police Initiative for the California ballot,” Gilchrist said. “Campbell, who has been pretending to be a co-sponsor of this initiative, pulled the rug out from under supporters when he announced, in a November 27 article in the Daily Pilot, that he hopes the border police force ‘never has to be used.’”

Campbell’s statement has caused a backlash among activists in the fight to stop illegal immigration and promote border security, who view the Initiative as an essential and urgently needed tool for beefing up law enforcement in the state.

“Every supporter of this initiative should ask the question, ‘what have we been fighting so hard for?’” said Barbara Coe, spokeswoman for the California Coalition for Immigration Reform and a long-time Orange County leader against illegal immigration.

Gilchrist noted that “those of us who are close to this issue have been aware for months that the California Border Police Initiative and Campbell for Congress campaign are managed by the same political consultant, Dave Gilliard, of the ‘big-dog’ – and very high-priced – Sacramento consulting firm of Gilliard, Blanning and Wysocki. It has become increasingly obvious that Gilliard set Campbell up as co-sponsor of this initiative for the sole purpose of ‘Johnny-come-lately’ candidate positioning.”

Continued Gilchrist, “Gilliard has intended all along merely to rehabilitate Campbell with voters who were justifiably upset with his sorry history of pro-illegal alien votes in the California State Legislature. Gilliard has attempted to cloak Campbell with an aura of credibility as ‘tough’ on border security and illegal immigration that he has never deserved on the merits. And now, from John Campbell’s own recent statements, we learn that, indeed, the ‘fool the voters’ Initiative will be set aside by Campbell after this special election for Congress is decided.”

“After his recent fundraising junket to Washington D.C., John Campbell has turned his back on the California Border Police Initiative and the hard work of its advocates. He is more clearly than ever revealed as a lackey to the Bush Administration’s pro-amnesty, open borders agenda. The ambitious politician who is John Campbell has revealed his true colors … again.”

“In the best tradition of John Kerry, Campbell now says that ‘I supported implementing the border police force before I opposed implementing the border police force.’ In fact, John Campbell is a worthy successor to the John Kerry of the 2004 election, as ‘flip-flop champion’ of 2005,” claimed Gilchrist.

“Now,” added Gilchrist, “the chickens are coming home to roost for ‘flip-flopping Honest John’ Campbell. In the last few days, our headquarters has been deluged with new supporters and volunteers, many of whom tell us that John Campbell has let them down. I want the voters of the 48th District, who are going to the polls this Tuesday, December 6, to know that my dedication to support and materially sustain the men and women on our first line of defense will never waver. I will never back off from my commitment to put a halt to the flood of illegal immigration and to secure our borders.”

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