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December 1, 2005

Lake Forest, CA — Minuteman Project founder and 48th District Congressional candidate Jim Gilchrist today ridiculed John Campbell’s attempt to portray himself — in his mailings and campaign commercials — as being “tough on illegal immigration.”

“John Campbell’s claims that he is ‘tough’ on illegal immigration are laughable to anyone who knows his true record,” noted Gilchrist. “But because he has so much money to spend on his campaign, he clearly hopes that he can ‘fool all of the people, some of the time.’ The ‘some of the time,’ as far as John Campbell is concerned, is the period between now and the election this Tuesday, December 6.”

“When I look at John Campbell’s literature or hear his radio ads, I wonder what kind of weird ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world he lives in. On his literature John Campbell proclaims that ‘we must do everything we can to protect our borders now.’ Yet, in 2000, John Campbell said that ‘illegal immigrants should be given the same benefits as every one else’; in 2001, he voted to allow illegal aliens to register at state universities and pay only IN-STATE tuition; and just five days after 9/11, John Campbell said that illegal aliens ‘are clearly members and rooted in our community’ and that ‘they’re going to stay here every bit as much as you or I are going to stay here.’ In conformity with that sentiment, in 2002, John Campbell voted to allow illegal aliens to utilize the sham Matricula Consular card as a legitimizing form of identification in California.”

“If there were truth in advertising laws governing political ads, the required headline on his literature would be ‘John Campbell, The Illegal Alien’s Friend in the California State Senate, Wants to be Your Congressman.’”

“I invite every voter in the 48th District to visit our website at and read ‘The Truth about John Campbell and Illegal Immigration.’

“The voters of the 48th District should think about this question: Would John Campbell be talking ‘tough’ about illegal immigration or border security if Minuteman Jim Gilchrist was not a candidate in this race?”

“There is a clear choice, on December 6, between my candidacy as a citizen who has demonstrated bold and effective leadership to stop illegal immigration and make our borders secure again, and a career politician who is a Johnny-Come-Lately on theses issues, with a record so contrary to his new ‘border security conversion,’ he simply cannot be believed and cannot be trusted,” concluded Gilchrist.

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